Iran War Cheerleading is Terrifying

Cheerleading for Iran war has increased recently and, unlike Iraq, this war could impact students more directly. The evidence of a desire to invade Iran began in 2002 when President Bush labeled Iraq, Iran and North Korea the “Axis of Evil.” Since then, he invaded axis Iraq for oil, so it follows that similarly oil-rich axis Iran could be next.

After labeling Iran as evil, the sales pitch for an Iran war has developed in a reminiscent manner to the Iraq war. The methodology is label leader and country X as evil, hype public fear of terrorism and weapons of mass destruction and invade. You can recall their sales jingle of fear, “9/11, terrorism, WMD, buy this shock-and-awesome war now for zero down!”

Our former all-boys school head cheerleader president is again delivering familiar bellicose sales pitches. He delivered a fear-inspiring speech to the American Legion, saying Iran is spreading a “shadow of nuclear holocaust” among other disputed charges of Iran’s involvement in Iraq.

Regarding Bush’s WMD argument, the International Atomic Energy Agency recently verified nuclear material in Iran “remains in peaceful use” and arranged inspection timetables. The IAEA head, Mohamed ElBaradei said this agreement was “a significant step forward”. However, the Bush Administration denounced its progress. Most significantly, experts agree Iran is five to 10 years from the bomb and former CENTCOM general John Abizaid said “there are ways to live with a nuclear Iran.”

Evidence of Bush’s invigorated propaganda campaign recently surfaced in The Telegraph, which reported senior U.S. officials saying the Bush Administration is escalating the case for war. One intelligence official said, “Over the next few weeks and months the U.S. will build tensions and evidence around Iranian activities in Iraq.” He said war would occur by first declaring Iranian meddling in Iraq justifies cross border raids, provoking Iranian retaliation, which would then justify larger US bombings and war. The larger bombing campaign would consist of more than 2,000 targets already identified by the Pentagon.

Conservative institutions are also increasing pro-war propaganda. Respected Afghanistan expert Barnett Rubin from New York University wrote, although unconfirmed, that neoconservative institutions were given “instructions from the office of the vice-president to roll out a campaign for war with Iran after Labor Day; it will be coordinated with the American Enterprise Institute, the Wall Street Journal, the Weekly Standard, Commentary, Fox, etc.” The goal is to boost public support for war to 35-40 percent, which is “plenty”. This report has since been partially confirmed by these institutions publishing pro-war commentary. Fox News reported serious discussion within the Bush Administration about Iran war within eight to 10 months.

Politicians are also cheering for war, including presidential candidates Sen. John McCain and former- New York City Mayor Rudy Guiliani. Senior Department of Defense official Debra Cagan recently said, “I hate all Iranians.” However, the loudest cheerleader is Sen. Joe Lieberman, who recently amended the 2008 Defense Authorization Bill, giving stealth approval for war by labeling Iran’s Revolutionary Guard as “terrorists.” Interestingly, the amendment was passed with support from Senators Clinton and Pryor. Since amendment approval, The New Yorker reported that Bush is planning counterterrorist “surgical” strikes on the Revolutionary Guard, which aligns with previous reports of calculated war provocation.

Remember those six nuclear warheads that “accidentally” flew across America? A Global Research article reported Bush was sending them toward Iran, but were diverted by last minute Air Force opposition. Given Bush’s casus belli, this is unfathomably ironic.

Foreign powers are also escalating tensions. Notably, French Foreign Minister Kouchner recently said “prepare for the worst…which is war.” Israel recently took escalation furthest by mysteriously bombing Syria, which is likely a rehearsal for more attacks on Syria and Iran.

What are consequences of an Iran war? First, a draft is highly likely because our forces are overstretched in Iraq. According to BBC and Harpers, oil is expected to skyrocket to more than $120 a barrel with disastrous economic ramifications. Former National Security Advisor Brzezinski warns that if America starts war, “we will be stuck in a regional war for twenty years.” These and countless other consequences collectively make this war far scarier than Iraq.

There is some resistance to the profound stupidity of an Iran war. Sen. Barack Obama recently said the U.S. has not authorized an Iran war, and Kucinich’s bill to impeach Cheney states that threatening war with Iran is in violation of international and constitutional law. If resistance is futile, a silver lining exists in that a draft would make youngsters care about politics and gas more than $5 a gallon would force alternative energy independence.

Abel Tomlinson is a contributing writer for The Arkansas Traveler.

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