Israel Influences US Politics More than Russia

This article by distinguished journalist Robert Parry makes a kickass point!

Many are freaking about Russia, but Israel has been strongly influencing most politicians of both parties for decades. Israeli social media ads would be a crumb of a cake the size of Mount Everest, in terms of political activity and influence.

Watch every “serious” Presidential candidate grovel at the Israel Lobby’s annual meetings as explained here and here. Examine the millions spent annually by AIPAC lobbying Congress at

According to this Washigton Post article, the Israel Lobby and “a new group it is supporting, Citizens for a Nuclear Free Iran, have emerged as some of the fiercest opponents of the nuclear agreement — the latter is spending up to $40 million to run ads in 35 states urging lawmakers to oppose the deal.”

Consequently, the U.S. gives massive sums in annual foreign aid to Israel, far above any other nation. Perhaps more importantly, the U.S. is alone in consistently protecting Israel’s many breaches of international law. As of 2010, the U.S. vetoed 39 U.N. resolutions condemning Israel’s violations, in contradiction to the will of the rest of the world.

Have you ever watched Peace, Propaganda & the Promised Land documentary, which includes numerous highly reputable scholars. Have you read the Israel Lobby? This book was discussed on our local TV show Omnivision here:

Here is a good review.

I also wrote a column on the book Witness in Palestine by American Jewish woman, Anna Baltzar. It is a firsthand account of incredible racism and ethnic cleansing of Palestinians.

Please read this 1948 New York Times letter written by prominent Jewish intellectuals like Albert Einstein and Hannah Arendt, warning about Israeli influence on American politics and more.

Israeli Propaganda Compared to Russian:

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