Majority of Democrats Approve War Budget Bigger than Trump Requested

For anyone interested in human survival:
I would argue the more important political division isnt democrats vs. republicans, but within the democratic party.

The Democrats were divided on Bushs catastrophic war of lies, they are divided on arms deals to dictators, they are slightly divided on record war budgets that eat up half of every income tax dollar. (War on Terror cost $5.6 trillion thus far)

Pay attention to this division as least as much as the former.

The worst part about the $700 billion war budget trump just signed is that most Democrats in the House and almost all in the Senate voted for a war budget bigger than trump requested, and more weapons systems than requested, including the $1.5 trillion F-35 warplane that even the military didnt request.

“The NDAA also authorizes the Pentagon to buy 90 F-35s, 20 more than requested by the administration; 24 F/A-18s, 10 more than requested; and three littoral combat ships, two more than requested, among other equipment purchases.”

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