Parade for Peace in Fayetteville

The Arkansas Poor People’s Campaign, the OMNI Center, and the Arkansas Nonviolence Alliance are holding a Parade for Peace, and a rally at the Town Center, on March 18th at 2:30 P.M..

The rally will feature speeches by Professor Jeremy Kuzmarov, Air Force Veteran Michael Martin, Solomon Burchfield of the Poor People’s Campaign, Dr. Clint Schnekloth of Good Lutheran Church, and more. Music will also be provided by Still on the Hill, Jori Costello and others.

Over 128 Peace Organizations internationally have called for action during the current Olympic Truce, It is a moment of relative peace for Koreans, and a key moment to call out for peaceful diplomacy, instead of more threats of catastrophic wars, and even threats of nuclear “fire and fury.”

This is also a call for transforming the immoral war economy, as advocated by the Poor People’s Campaign. The war economy claims 53 cents of every federal discretionary spending dollar, leaving little to nothing for the peace economy, such as clean energy, healthcare, education & eliminating poverty.

The purpose of the parade is also to counter Trump’s military parade, which may cost up to $50 million, and to call for a Culture of Peace, so our children can go to school without fear.

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