Russia-phobia Benefits Nuke Bomb Merchants of Death

I don’t buy the vast majority of the Russia conspiracy theories.

These are things that helped elect Trump more than Russian allegations:

*The Koch brothers & other billionaires
* The Electoral College
* The Supreme Court’s Campaign finance rulings (from Corporate Personhood starting in 1886, the Buckly decision in the 1970s saying money=speech, and Citizens United saying corporate persons have free speech rights to spend unlimited sums)
* Bill Clinton’s media monopoly act of 1996 (causing Big Media corporate consolidation to 5 conglomerates), Wall St monopoly act of 1999 (causing crash), and NAFTA (fueling mass economic warfare refugees)
*Hillary’s warmongering, scandals & Wall St coziness, and the fact that she was the most disliked and distrusted candidate in history (along with Trump), and the fact that she rigged Bernie and pissed off buttloads of progressive activists, not to mention virtually every poll said Bernie was far more likely to beat Trump.

And what is the primary allegation? That Russia rigged our election by hacking Hillary to show that she was rigging Bernie. Its comical to say the least, not just this but the fact that no nation on Earth meddles in other govts like the U.S., invading and overthrowing dozens of govts since WW2.

It’s not just that, but the very premise that we actually have a democracy to hack. A Princeton study confirmed we are an oligarchy, with dozens of anti democratic mechanisms, from superdelegates to gerrymandering. If it wasn’t for the Bill of Rights, especially 1st Amendment rights to speech & protest, we would be a complete dictatorship by corporate elite (fascism).

It’s not just that, but the neo-McCarthy Russiaphobia fits in with events that were happening before the election. After the Berlin Wall fell, an agreement was made not to expand NATO & its nukes eastward. The US/NATO broke this promise and has escalated since, and pushed NATO bases very near Russian borders. How would the U.S. feel about Russian bases on the Mexican border, or say Cuba? Then the US backed the Ukraine coup right on Russia’s borders, threatening Russia’s only warm water naval base in Crimea, and practiced massive war games on Russian borders (under Obama/Hillary).

The war profiteer merchants of death selling bombs & war have much to gain from an endless war on terror that creates more terrorism, and likewise they have a lot to gain from a New Cold War…see the Obama/Trump $1.2 Trillion nuke arsenal upgrade, in violation of international treaty laws we signed

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