Ask Josh Mahoney About War

Our Democratic choice for Congress has Nothing on Foreign Policy on his website. Ive heard No inspiring statements for peace, or on the war economy. Ask him, push him to prove me wrong.

All I hear is his Deafening Silence on the trillions wasted on bipartisan endless war crimes that killed over a million humans, in Iraq alone. Silence on bipartisan arms trade to brutal dictators that execute gays and dissenters and hyper-repress women. Silence on bipartisan support for the racist genocide of Palestinians. Silence on Obama-Trump’s illegal, $1.2 trillion nuke arsenal upgrade. Silence about catastrophic threats of war with Iran & North Korea, etc.

This silence speaks volumes, that he wishes to be a Standard Establishment Democrat. His silence means he will likely vote for the massive War Complex budgets, just like a Supermajority of Democrats recently did. They harmoniously joined Republicans in voting for a war budget BIGGER than Trump requested, a man that threatens all life on Earth with Nuke War!!!

But yea, Democrats just wanna “support the troops” fighting for “freedom & democracy”. What they are really voting for is war profiteers and mass murder of people across the planet for empire.

But yea, hope & change. Sigh

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