Babbling in Babylon & Smashing Nuclear Warheads

In the overall context of dangers to human survival and mass suffering posed by environmental holocaust and the threat of nuclear war, focusing on too much else is Fiddling While Rome Burns, except for Rome is Planet Earth and all human life.

Ideas of serious peace are not welcome among the giant dungheap of parasite infested slime a.k.a. the capitol of the corporatist empire, the land where killing millions for “freedom” is perfectly sane. Not to mention the madness of spending a trillion on new nukes and threatening to use them, in violation of NPT and the U.N. Charter.

However, anyone that endangers all living organisms is the epitome of an enemy to all. Yet, Jesus says we should love even our enemies. I dont hate them, but strongly believe they need removed from power yesterday. Although international laws on war crimes make them eligible for lengthy prison sentences or worse, I don’t wish prison or death on anyone, but the threat must be Dethroned.

I just wish for a just society, a world without infantile mass terroristic murder of millions, and a planet with waters not filled with oil spills & plastic, and instead work to protect and heal the forests & soils.

We are on the cusp of evolution or annihilation. It is a coin toss. Personally, I choose to devote every day to speaking to help end war, so that our species doesn’t self destruct, and so we may transcend the trend of a cannabilized petri dish gone dry from exponential population growth coupled with exponential consumption of resources.

Thankfully, our planet has regenerative resources, but we are strangling the life out of all of them. If we cant stop the trajectory of ever more expansive wars and environmental destruction, its hard for me to see any chance for survival or a planet worth living on.

We can babble about dozens of issues, but in context of our Comprehensive environmental crisis and threat of nuclear war, they are just that in comparison, babble.

Perhaps thats what they meant by Babylon…they will just Babble on and on about Oscar dresses, sports statistics and trillions of other data bits that the TV shitbrains us with, while the biological lights go out on Earth. Or, we wake the F up, and flip the F-ing tables over like Jesus did.

I pray this Isaiah 2:4 prophecy comes quick, when “They shall turn their swords to plowshares and study war no more”, or smash these evil bombs into solar panels & electrified rail systems, and may we rip up these death slabs of concrete and toxic asphalt, and replant the Holy, Holy garden we desecrated.

Unpave Paradise.

Smash every bomb.

Blessed are the Peacemakers.

Peace is the Prescence of Justice, not the absence of tension.

May the Mighty Flaming Sword of Truth & Justice come smashing down on the vast web of lies that are the lifeblood of war.

May Peace built of Justice, and Justice built of Love come to wash away every wicked institution that binds us in chains of misery, death & destruction.

Love isnt affection, it is Divine Law. We disrespect this Law at our peril.

Money Servants hoarding billions & killing millions have a day of Reckoning approaching fast.

I cant say if they can save their souls, but I do suggest they try immediately.

Modern sages warned of self destruction by a robotization, following orders and unjust laws too well, and not listening to Conscience, the whispering voice of God within. Those sages urged us to Remember Your Humanity!

Succumbing to robotism is the process of becoming soulless, when Divine Laws of Justice & Love no longer matter.

Only a robotic human could follow orders to drop bombs on cities full of thousands of women, children & men.

Only a robotic human could order or even threaten to bomb thousands or millions or even billions of precious people.

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