Law & Order for the Poor, Anarchy for the Rich

Billionaire plutocrats like Donald and professors of law like Obama preach law & order, and respect for the rule of law. Yet, this only applies to the poor.

Millions of poor folks face excessively lengthy prison sentences for petty crimes, including the most petty, nonviolent drug offenses. Yet, our rich rulers commit the highest crimes on the planet, and face no repercussions, and retire in gated luxury.

The War on Terror has taken this criminal lawlessness to a whole ‘nutha level.

The highest crime on the planet isn’t simple murder, but mass murder by governments. It is as the Nuremberg Charter calls it, a “war of aggression”, the “Supreme International War Crime”. If a war is not absolutely in immediate self defense or authorized by the UN Security Council, the aggressor is guilty of war crimes.

There is absolute certainty the Iraq War, which was based on a mountain of bipartisan lies about Iraqi WMD and connections to 9-11, fits this criteria. The lies were quite obvious to many of us at the time. No, the war wasnt a “mistake” or a “blunder”. All the politicians that supported it are directly or indirectly complicit in war crimes. They are not that stupid. There were many speaking the truth, and they ignored us.

A million people were murdered. Trillions of dollars wasted, trillions that could have transformed our energy system to make oil wars obsolete. Civil wars were created. Terrorism, or otherwise resistance to invasion and occupation, skyrocketed. Millions of refugees were created, fueling right wing anti-immigrant racism in nations facing mass migration.

Those guilty all walked Scott free, and the Democrats that supported the war crimes, along with virtually all Republicans, were elevated to higher levels of power. The Democrats that opposed the war were not.

The crimes did not stop there. Torture is also a war crime, and all those supporting torture faced no music. Obama said the past is the past, bro. Bush’s mass warrantless surveillance was illegal, but Obama continued that. I am forgetting many other Bush crimes but let’s move forward.

Pretending to be a peace candidate, Obama was elected in large part by the mass peace movement that arose under Bush. This was key to him beating Hillary, a huge war crime advocate, in the 2008 primary. He was elected, and said Fuck Y’all! The first sign was his selection of Biden as his VP running mate. Biden was the #1 most responsible Democrat for Iraq war crimes. As Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chair, Biden actively suppressed testimony from key weapons inspectors that were prepared to debunk the war lies. Then, Obama appointed a laundry list of Wall St/corporate elite, war hawks & neocons to his cabinet. The writing was on the wall. I wrote about this way back in ’08, Tempered Hope for Progressive Change.

After inauguration, Obama continued and expanded Bush’s illegal wars, especially drone bombings. He had a weekly “kill list” for targeted assassinations. Many killed were obviously non-combatants, women and children murdered, including a teenage American boy. Not only that, but his administration engaged in another illegal, disastrous regime change war in Libya that, like Iraq, led to mass chaos, civil war, terrorism, refugees and even slavery. Infamously, his partner in crime psycho laughed about killing the Libyan leader.

The Obama administration also broke records in selling massive arms deals to brutal Saudi dictators, and assisted and supported Saudi war crimes in Yemen. Obama also broke international laws relating to nuclear disarmament, and approved a $1 trillion for new nuclear bombs, reigniting Cold War arms race. Also, they assisted a coup in Honduras, leading to mass violence, which caused the caravan of refugees. I am again forgetting all the crimes, but let’s move forward.

Enter Trump, Mr. Law & Order. Of course he continues and expands Obama’s illegal mass bombings in numerous nations. Before election, he promised war crimes, including killing families and torture. He broke Obama-Hillary’s record for a new record arms deal to brutal Saudi dictators, and again supports their war crimes in Yemen. Trump also continued and expanded Obama’s illegal nuclear arsenal “modernization”. He is also breaking international law relating to refugees that have a right to asylum when fleeing violence, violence the US is largely responsible for. I am again forgetting many more crimes, but you get the picture.

These wealthy criminals are guilty of some of the highest crimes on Earth, including the highest, mass murder wars of aggression. Yet, they walk scott free. Why? The US refuses to ratify the International Criminal Court, the enforcement mechanism of international law. Why refuse ratification? Because a huge proportion of US political elite would face lengthy imprisonment or execution. (For the record, I oppose the death penalty, even for war criminals.)

So, isnt it odd poor peaceful potsmokers go to jail, while the biggest criminals on Earth not only go free in luxury, but continue being worshipped as gods, especially by puppet media.

You see, there is strict law & order for poor folks, but utter chaotic lawlessness and disorder for the bloody rich. They are truly anarchists in the negative sense of the word. (I wrote about the positive sense of anarchism here)

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