Diplomacy Always Better than War

(Arkansas Democrat Gazette, July 30, 2018)

After the Cold War ended and before Trump, the U.S. broke agreements with Russia to not expand NATO bases toward Russian borders, some of which hold massive nuclear weapons.

The Obama and Hillary administration assisted the Ukraine coup (extreme meddling) on Russian borders. They practiced massive war games near Russian borders. They reignited the Cold War with $1 trillion in new nuclear bombs.

They continued and expanded Bush’s endless “Global War on Terror”, which cost $5.6 trillion thus far. Like Bush, they conducted disastrous, illegal regime change war in Libya, after which Hillary psycho-laughed about killing their leader. More extreme meddling.

They continued the brutal imperial U.S. history of interfering and violently overthrowing dozens of governments. Nobody meddles like the U.S.A. Read General Smedley Butler’s book War is a Racket free online. Read William Blum’s book Killing Hope.

Russians are under severe threats, and millions practice nuclear drills to prepare for U.S. attack. Like millions in the Middle East, Russian people are terrified of the US war machine for damn good reasons.

The CIA with its history of lying and meddling in other nations is hard to trust on anything. But if Russia did meddle, it is entirely logical in light of the danger they face, being surrounded by U.S. military bases, war games, nukes, coups and endless bombings.

Also, what did the alleged meddling reveal but simply the truth about Hillary and DNC collusion against Bernie, and Hillary’s “pied piper” promotion of Trump. The truth should be welcomed.

Perhaps with Trump there was some hope for change for Russia. Despite all the horrors of Trump, if his warmer relations with Russia avert nuclear war, he will have done something great.

Trump is terrible, but so were Obama and Hillary, just like the brutal Saudi dictators that Obama, Hillary and Trump sold record arms deals to. They all have lakes of blood on their hands, or like Bush who has an Iraqi ocean of blood, along with Hillary and Biden. The war lies were obvious.

But what sucks worse than all these? Nuclear annihilation. Of course we must practice diplomacy and be friends with Russia as Trump correctly said. I just wish he or any of the others mentioned were trustworthy. For the love of God, turn off Red Scare Rachel Maddow and Fox News y’all!

I am part of the independent plurality of 43% of Americans fed up with both parties. Yet, I can see a minority of Democrats support peace, with Ocasio2018.com showing a good example.

It would be nice if we had an entire political party sincerely for peace. We do, but the war parties and their warmonger media pals will not even allow them in debates. Democracy? Lol.

If not for our last bits of First Amendment freedoms of speech, press and assembly, we would be an outright plutocratic imperial dictatorship.

America, you can do better. You can lead the world to true peace and democracy, instead of toward apocalyptic nuclear nightmares.

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